Maria: Improved quality of life in Lima

Peru Vegetable stand owner

Maria, is 63 years old and lives in a suburb of Lima, Peru, with her husband Roberto and their 10 children. Maria holds a small vegetable stand at the local market, which she was able to secure thanks to a micro-credit. Today, she earns the equivalent of about USD 1600 per month with a monthly net profit of about USD 550 with her stand. She and her husband took their last loan of Peruvian Soles 7000 (equivalent to about USD 2000) for a duration of 18 months to invest in a new business venture. Her husband plans to repair a mini bus and use it for public transport around their neighbourhood.

“When you know how to plan and how to organise your life, everything becomes possible. With the loans we took and which we were able to repay in due time, we improved the results of our business, we increased our revenues and we enhanced our quality of life. Two of my sons are presently studying at university and I am able to support them thanks to my stand.” – Maria

Maria Gutierrez_ Lima_Peru_ April 2008 2