16/02/2021 | Blog
Infrastructure Investments – Interview with Gianfranco Saladino

Gianfranco Saladino, Head of Sustainable Infrastructure Investments at BlueOrchard spoke with the German business magazine Intelligent Investors about the relevance of infrastructure investments moving forward. Investors sometimes find it difficult to decide where to invest their money right now. Wh

09/02/2021 | Blog
BlueOrchard Brief: Blended Finance in Unprecedented Times

Authors: Maria Teresa Zappia, Chief Impact and Blended Finance Officer, Deputy CEO, and Valerie Harrington, Associate Fund Manager – Blended Finance Mandates The Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to exceed even the 2008 Financial Crisis in regard to economic consequences on all sectors of th

07/02/2021 | Media Coverage
OECD Blended Finance: BlackRock chief says governments must play their part in decarbonisation

The founder of $8.7trn (€7.2trn) asset manager BlackRock told the OECD’s Blended Finance Week and Impact event that the transition to a net-zero carbon global economy could not be achieved solely by action from public companies.

03/02/2021 | Media Coverage
Investir CH
Perspectives d’investissement d’impact en 2021

Les marchés émergents se sont finalement mieux comportés que ce que beaucoup craignaient lors de la pandémie liée à la Covid-19. Les préoccupations initiales laissaient craindre que, combinés, le coup porté au commerce et au tourisme, la baisse des prix des matières premières et le ralent

03/02/2021 | Latin America
This is My Story – César Julio Salirosas Pacheco

2021 is a very special year for BlueOrchard as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Throughout 2021 we will be sharing with you some of the encouraging entrepreneurial stories, personal dreams, and insights into the lives of families around the globe who are struggling and fighting against adversity e

29/01/2021 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard développe l’offre de micro-assurance climatique

Le spécialiste de l’investissement d’impact vient de clore deux fonds de 250 millions d’euros pour l’assurance climat.

29/01/2021 | Publications
This is My Story – BlueOrchard’s 20 years anniversary book

4 continents, 12 stories How can impact investing serve society’s most vulnerable individuals? Meet 12 inspiring people who have put a small amount of money to work in a big way.

28/01/2021 | Media Coverage
Bond Guide
BlueOrchard: Warum Investoren auf nachhaltige Infrastruktur setzen sollten

Viele Investoren scheuen langfristige Investitionen in Entwicklungsländern aus Angst vor höheren Risiken. Damit entgehen ihnen aber auch Chancen wie Investitionen in nachhaltige Infrastruktur. Welche Risiken und Vorteile damit verbunden sind.

28/01/2021 | Videos
BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks – Episode 1: The Story of BlueOrchard

‘BlueOrchard Pioneer Talks’ with Ana Maria Montero is a series of 12 conversations with industry experts, end clients, investors, and investees that will take you on the journey of impact investing. In the first of 12 interviews, BlueOrchard Chairman Peter Fanconi looks back at the 20 ye

22/01/2021 | Covid-19
Outlook 2021: Impact Investing in Emerging Markets

How emerging markets fared through the pandemic and what to expect in 2021. Emerging markets ultimately fared better than many feared through the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial concerns were that, combined, the hit to trade and tourism, weaker commodity prices and slowing foreign direct investment (

22/01/2021 | Media Coverage
Nachhaltige Infrastruktur in Entwicklungsländern – die große Lücke

Ohne Straßen, Strom- und Telekommunikationsnetze können Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft nicht funktionieren. Gerade in den Entwicklungsländern fehlt es jedoch häufig an Infrastruktur. Warum diese Herausforderung Investoren auch Möglichkeiten bietet.

22/01/2021 | Media Coverage
DPN Online
BlueOrchard: Impact Impact Impact

Dieses Jahr feiert BlueOrchard sein zwanzigjähriges Bestehen – ein Rück- und Ausblick.

22/01/2021 | Media Coverage
Bond Guide
BlueOrchard Impact Investing Ausblick 2021

Auch Schwellenländer spüren die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie. Sie sind jedoch widerstandsfähiger als ursprünglich angenommen. Philipp Müller, CEO von BlueOrchard, erklärt, welche Chancen sich Investoren im kommenden Jahr bieten.

21/01/2021 | Videos
The InsuResilience Investment Fund’s latest report on climate insurance in developing countries

We’re pleased to share the InsuResilience Investment Fund’s latest report on climate insurance in developing countries. ‘Protecting low-income communities through climate insurance’ takes a look at the Fund’s work and achievements in facilitating adaptation of climate i

21/01/2021 | Media Coverage
FundsPeople Italia
Maria Teresa Zappia interview with Davide Mosca, FundsPeople Italia

Secondo i dati Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), nel 2019 l’industria globale degli investimenti ad impatto è arrivata a toccare un valore complessivo pari a 715 miliardi di dollari. La stima GIIN a fi ne 2016 era di soli 114 miliardi. Una cifra cresciuta dunque in modo esponenziale negli

12/01/2021 | News Releases
BlueOrchard reports continued strong performance and outreach in 2020

BlueOrchard increased its outreach, now providing access to financial and related services to more than 215 million poor and vulnerable people (as of December 2020). Amid and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, BlueOrchard’s investment portfolios have shown strong resilience. BlueOrchard responded to t

07/01/2021 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Anvar

The #BOFaces series introduced you to the people making up BlueOrchard’s dedicated team, spread out across our international offices. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Anvar Mamarajabov, our Execution Team Lead in Risk, Legal & Compliance based in the Tbilisi office. We took

21/12/2020 | Media Coverage
Financial Times
Schroders launches impact fund to aid Covid-hit emerging markets

The Fund managed by BlueOrchard Finance, the Zurich-based impact investing boutique acquired by Schroders last year. It has the support of a coalition of public and private investors, which include the international development finance agencies of the UK, US and Japan.

21/12/2020 | Media Coverage
L’Economia – Corriere della Sera
Più alternativi e responsabili: identikit dei nuovi portafogli

Le due tendenze messe in luce dal sondaggio di Schroders: un maggior utilizzo del private debt da cui ci si aspetta un rendimento del 5% a un anno. Mentre gli investimenti «etici» saranno i protagonisti del prossimo quinquennio

21/12/2020 | News Releases
BlueOrchard announces USD 150 million final closing of the IIF Debt Sub-fund

Zurich, 21 December 2020 – Swiss impact investment manager BlueOrchard Finance Ltd (“BlueOrchard”) today announced the final close of the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) Debt Sub-fund (“the Fund”), a first of its kind initiative to improve access to climate insurance across the develo