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#This is my story

“My name is Idalia del Carmen Mayorga Ruiz, I am 39 years old and my husband and I have four children. I am the owner of “El Shadday” food and delights. I started in the microcredit program – village banks – because of a neighbour. At that time, I had a small bus to drive […]

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#This is my story

#This is my story: “My name is Phom Chanthou and I took out my first microloan in 2005 by joining a group loan of the Amrep Bank. The reason was that local moneylenders had too high interest rates. With the amount of money I borrowed I was able to start a small business by myself […]

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#This is my story

#This is my story: “My name is Zurab and a few years ago I moved with my family from the Georgian countryside to the Capital, Tbilisi. I was seeking a better life and more opportunities. Together with my wife Nino I opened a grocery store near the central market.

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#This is my story

#This is my story: “My name is Flor de Maria Higueros, I am 28 years old and I live in Totonicapán, Guatemala. I am engaged in the embroidery of blouses and huipiles (traditional garments).

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#This is my story

#This is my story: "my name is Milovan Bosančić, and I started working on my father’s farm straight out of primary school. We had no machinery back then, just horses, 2 cows and 1 sow. As a young man, I bought 30 dunams (3 hectares) of land. At that time I did not use loans.

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#This is my story

 #This is my story:  “my name is Keo Serei and I run a grocery store in Phsar Trach, Cambodia. I’ve never been very confident about the microfinance industry. I was scared it would cause over-indebtedness. However, my husband saw a big opportunity in getting a loan and took up his first loan

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BlueOrchard week 2016 in Tbilisi

This year’s BlueOrchard week took place in one of our local offices in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since the entire company and its ambassadors gathered together to discuss the future of impact investing and what role we are going to play as one of the leading players, we also took the occasion celebrating

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On the road to Armenia – field trip

31. May – 2 June 2016 Here are some impressions from the latest BlueOrchard field trip, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia. Our trip started on Monday, 30th of May from Zurich. After a long flight we landed in Yerevan and got swiftly through airport customs control. The hotel we stayed in was ve

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Reaching the unbanked through mobile banking

Financial inclusion aims to provide basic financial services to everyone – regardless of social class, financial status or geography. A prerequisite for the eradication of poverty, financial inclusion fosters economic emancipation and independence. To this end, microfinance is recognized as a key

10/04/2015 | Blog
BlueOrchard’s activities in line with the World Bank’s new strategy to end poverty by 2030

The President of the World Bank has outlined the group’s new strategy to end poverty by 2030.