BlueOrchard Academy

BlueOrchard Academy

The BlueOrchard Academy was established to share BlueOrchard’s unique expertise in the field of impact investing and to broaden the understanding of our efforts to reduce poverty around the world.

The Academy is an enabler for students, academic researchers and individuals who are eager to know more about the field of impact investment. The goal of the Academy is to provide knowledge, educational engagement and access to research and job opportunities. The Academy is further committed in developing BlueOrchard’s employees, partners and investors by means of continuous learning and education.


At BlueOrchard, we understand that building the next generation of passionate impact investors requires engagement with those who are committed to scholarly research on the subject. The Academy supports Master’s Degree (Masters) and Doctoral students with the opportunity to work on an impact finance related project alongside a dedicated member of the BlueOrchard Finance team.

Researchers affiliating with the Academy are expected to work on a generally autonomous basis, along a pre-agreed time schedule. Each researcher will discuss and form milestones with his or her BlueOrchard partner and establish a timeline for advancement of project related goals.

BlueOrchard is engaging with scholars through the Academy because as an organization, we are committed to high quality research. For those partnering with the Academy, we support and encourage the publication of excellent work as a sign of appreciation and great effort.

The Academy is eager to support ongoing research in the areas of social finance, corporate social performance, portfolio management, business development, and other impact investment related subjects.  The Academy is currently supporting the following specific research efforts:

  • All research projects are currently assigned.

If you are a Master’s or Doctoral student with a research project covering one of the above topics, and you think that a collaboration with BlueOrchard could add value to your research, please apply to the BlueOrchard Academy via the application form.

For your project to be considered a research proposal between 5 to 10 pages is required, covering the following points:

  • Executive summary, introducing the topic and broad outline of your research
  • Research Question
  • Relevance in general and for BlueOrchard in specific
  • Aim of your research and expected results
  • Methodology
  • BlueOrchard’s contribution to your work
  • Project timeline and milestones

The research proposal can be uploaded under the field ‘Cover Letter’. Please also include your CV and briefly answer the specified questions in the application form.

Please note that BlueOrchard can only accompany research projects in conjunction with PhD dissertations if the candidate is already under the supervision of an academic advisor. At any time, there are only a limited number of projects open due to capacity constraints of managers.

The BlueOrchard Academy allowed me to experience and embrace the unparalleled inspiring momentum that the impact investing industry is currently going through. I had the chance to meet exceptional professionals and role models who have shown unique energy, drive, and strategic thinking, whilst attending several blended finance events in the process. I am grateful to be part of the BlueOrchard Academy history, which was an indispensable experience for my Master’s thesis, understanding of impact investing and professional development”

 Elena Esbaile

 (Master in International Affairs, University of Bologna, 2019) 



Events & Education

BlueOrchard is keen on publicly sharing its expertise in microfinance and impact investing through the BlueOrchard Academy and its various public facing efforts as an industry leader.

Regularly, members of our expert team participate in public and private forums, events and lectures about impact investing with the goals of educating the impact investment community and broadening awareness of our efforts to build the field. To see a list of upcoming occasions where BlueOrchard will be present, please refer to our Events section.


We actively partner with leading universities and research institutions. BlueOrchard is committed to building the body of research and raising academic awareness of impact investment among a new generation of students, financial professionals and professional scholars. Members of the BlueOrchard team regularly act as guest lecturers, hold presentations, provide independent research and maintain an ongoing dialogue with leading thinkers in the fields of finance and international development.

BlueOrchard Academy has been lecturing across the world, amongst others at following reputable academical institutions.


Brown University
Hochschule Luzern
Universidad de Navarra
University of St.Gallen
University of Zurich


BlueOrchard internships are part of the BlueOrchard Academy and provide a great opportunity for eager, intellectually curious and outstanding individuals to learn more about impact investing through a hands-on professional experience. A BlueOrchard internship lasts either three or six months, and each intern is fully immersed in the day to day business of a specific BlueOrchard department. Our interns become important members of the BlueOrchard team and the experience represents a challenging and exiting opportunity to contribute to the mission of a leading impact investment manager.

As part of the BlueOrchard team, interns collaborate with expert professionals to take on challenging tasks within a wide range of responsibilities. Interns fully contribute to day-to-day responsibilities of their team and are required to work autonomously. A dedicated mentor accompanies the intern and ensures an optimal learning environment. As valued team members, interns participate in regular meetings and, upon availability, are assigned their own dedicated project. At the end of each engagement, they are given the opportunity to present their dedicated project achievements to a broader BlueOrchard audience and are invited to join the BlueOrchard Academy Alumni circle.

BlueOrchard interns are compensated during their time with BlueOrchard for their work with an internship salary that is based on a number of factors including academic qualification, prior experience, and work location. Unfortunately, BlueOrchard is not in a position to compensate interns for specific travel or living related expenses.

Six month internships will offer the candidate a chance to spend a short period in a second corporate department and a chance to broaden his or her perspective on the company and the impact finance sector. This involvement typically lasts two to four weeks, depending on work load of the relevant teams. We believe that, beyond greater immersion in the corporate culture of BlueOrchard, a longer internship offers the advantage of a broader and more versatile set of experiences.

Application requirements

We are accepting applications from outstanding candidates who have completed at least four semesters at university, and have defined themselves with unique personal and extracurricular activities. If you take pride in high standards, meet deadlines with confidence and have a good working knowledge of English, we look forward to receiving your application. Please check for opportunities within our careers site and follow the designated application process. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


Learn about a first-hand internship experience at Blueorchard :

“Working at BlueOrchard has opened my eyes to what true sustainable finance means. I have been inspired by BlueOrchard’s people who have an extraordinary drive and commitment to doing good in this world. It is an organization with a vibrant culture and I cannot have imagined starting off my career anywhere else!”


Therese Peters

(Analyst Business Development, 2019)