#This is my story

20/12/2017 Blog

My name is Maria del Rocio Gonzalez and I live in Mexico City. I own a store for vegetables and poultry. By the time I got my first loan from Finlabor, I used to sell products in the market without a permanent location, with a mobile kiosk and only for few days a week.
After one year I had taken four loans and now I have leased a permanent store in the market. I have kept the mobile kiosk but have installed wheels to move it easily in the market. Now I have two locations for my business and buy more quantity of products in order to get good prices and to increase my earnings. For the future I plan to further expand my business.
I spend the money I earn for taking care of my family. I want to provide good education to my children. I am very thankful to Finlabor for not only providing the loans but also educating me financially. Today, I am fully aware of my finances, my investments and earnings.