Microfinance Growth Fund

Sustaining growth of micro and small enterprises across Latin America and the Caribbean

Microfinance Growth Facility (MiGroF ) – The Obama Fund, was created in response to U.S. President Obama’s announcement at the Summit of the Americas in April 2009 to help support the provision of microfinance services in Latin America and the Caribbean  in light of the contraction of international financing sources due to the global financial crisis.

The fund provides debt financing in local currency as well as USD and targets a combination of well-established, strong institutions and smaller, niche players with significant social impact.

To find out more visit the IDB website.

Fund Facts

  • Lead investors

    IDB, Inter-American Development Bank
    IIC, Inter-American Investment Corporation

  • Date of inception

    April 2009

  • Fund size

    USD 120 million

  • Outreach

    40+ MFIs across 13 countries


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