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05/03/2020 | Media Coverage
Morningstar UK
Top News: Schroders assets rise above GBP 500 billion mark in 2019

“The year saw three notable events: the successful launch of Schroders Personal Wealth, the start of the transfer of the Scottish Widows mandate to Schroders and the establishment of a market-leading position in impact investing and micro-finance through our acquisition of BlueOrchard,”

05/03/2020 | Media Coverage
Investment Week
Lloyds strategic partnership pushes Schroders 2019 inflows to record £43bn

Commenting on the latest results, CEO Peter Harrison said: “The year saw three notable events: the successful launch of Schroders Personal Wealth, the start of the transfer of the Scottish Widows mandate to Schroders and the establishment of a market-leading position in impact investing and m

24/02/2020 | News
Comment mesurer les répercussions réelles de l’ISR?

Si l’investissement socialement responsable a un effet positif sur la société tout en offrant de bonnes performances financières, encore faut-il être en mesure de quantifier ses résultats concrets, note Le Temps.

23/02/2020 | News
Le Temps
Investissement: comment mesurer l’impact?

L’investissement à impact produit un double effet. Il améliore le résultat environnemental et social et il renforce le résultat financier. La question est de savoir comment les mesurer.

13/02/2020 | Media Coverage
Le Private Equity dans les marchés frontières et émergents

Les marchés frontières et émergents sont perçus comme très risqués. Vraiment? Pas pour BlueOrchard, du moment que l’on a les bonnes approches et équipes. La société d’impact investing, s’est lancée en 2017 dans le capital-investissement.

27/01/2020 | Media Coverage
Impact Investment Exchange closes second Women’s Livelihoods Bond at $12 million

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) launched its Women’s Livelihood Bond series in 2017 to help low-income women in Southeast Asia transition to sustainable livelihoods. Proceeds raised through the bond offering are invested in financial institutions and social enterprises supporting women. IIX rais

24/01/2020 | News
Impact Investor BlueOrchard wächst rasant

Der führende Schweizer Impact Investment Manager Blue Orchard weiss die Gunst der Stunde zu nutzen. Im Geschäftsjahr 2019 zog der Mikrofinanzmanager deutlich mehr Kundengelder an. Den vollen Artikel finden Sie hier.

24/01/2020 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard flagship fund hits CHF 2.3bn AUM

BlueOrchard’s flagship Microfinance fund reached USD 2.4bn (CHF 2.3bn) in AUM by the end of December 2019.

23/01/2020 | Media Coverage
Asia-Pacific is the next frontier for blended finance

The Asia-Pacific region has seen enormous economic growth in the last few decades, which has lifted hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), from 2002 to 2015 the region saw a fourfold decline from 1.11 billion people in extreme poverty to 264 mill

13/01/2020 | Media Coverage
L’effet Greta

L’été dernier, la grande firme de gestion d’actifs Schroders reprenait un fleuron de la finance durable suisse, la plus célèbre des sociétés d’impact investing, BlueOrchard. A 3,5 milliards de dollars, les encours de BlueOrchard ne représentent que 0,5% de ceux du géant britannique. Et

13/01/2020 | Media Coverage
The Jakarta Post
‘Gotong royong’: Spirit of Japanese-ASEAN cooperation

This initiative on overseas loans and investments aims to meet the significant demand for infrastructure development in the ASEAN region, while at the same time redressing economic inequality and realizing stable development. The initiative has three targeted fields: (1) quality infrastructure devel

08/01/2020 | Media Coverage
The Top 5 Impact Investing Firms

Impact investing is an extension of socially responsible investing, which focuses on companies that promote ethical and socially responsible consciousness such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and corporate ethics. Impact investing goes a step further by actively seeking investments

07/01/2020 | News
Journal Letzebuerger
BlueOrchard empowers female entrepreneurs

“BlueOrchard focuses on the empowerment of female entrepreneurs through its microfinance investments. Closing the credit gap in just 15 countries in the ASEAN region by 2020 could result in a 12% increase in per capita income by 2030.” Read the full article here.

06/01/2020 | News
Impact Leaders Spotify Podcast
Patrick Scheurle of BlueOrchard – Scaling To Billions In Impact Investing Through Mircrofinance, Education And More

CEO Patrick Scheurle was a guest on the Spotify Podcast: Impact Leaders hosted by JP Dallmann. Listen to the full podcast here.

06/01/2020 | News
Patrick Scheurle: «ESG ist ein Hygienefaktor»

BlueOrchard CEO Patrick Scheurle spricht mit Finews über die Impact Investing Industrie, und was die neue Partnerschaft mit Schroders für BlueOrchard bedeuten wird. Den vollen Artikel finden Sie hier.

14/11/2019 | News
Les Echos
BlueOrchard rejoint le groupe Schroders

Patrick Scheurle va rester à la tête de la société de gestion spécialisée dans l’investissement à impact. Read the full article in French here.

22/10/2019 | News
ESG Clarity
Clarity Clinic: Peter Fanconi, BlueOrchard

 In July, Schroders acquired a majority stake in impact investment manager BlueOrchard. ESG Clarity asks chairman Peter Fanconi what is the secret to the business’s success? Read the full article here.

03/10/2019 | News
The Telegraph
How impact investing shows capitalism and environmentalism are not incompatible

From Goldman Sachs’ new Sustainable Finance Group to Schroders’ purchase of a stake in impact investor BlueOrchard, big investment groups are digging deep into their budgets to build or acquire socially-conscious platforms. Read the full article here.

09/09/2019 | News
Citywire Asia
Japan-backed women’s microfinance fund doubles in size

BlueOrchard Finance is expanding its Asia-focused women empowerment fund to address the significant gap of financing women in the region. Learn more here.

03/09/2019 | News
Financial Times
Schroders’ deal opens way for more M&A in impact investing

Large asset managers wishing to enter the field will look to acquire resources, says expert. Read the full article here.