25/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Rendite mit gutem Gewissen

„Impact Investing“ will soziale und ökologische Wirkung erzielen. Doch es mangelt an Transparenz.

25/10/2017 | Events
Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific
Past Event
13/11/2017 — 14/11/2017 Sydney

Speaker: Peter A. Fanconi, Chairman of the Board

20/10/2017 | Blog
#This is my story

My name is Ly Sidet and I am 43 years old. I live with my wife and my three children in Cheung Prey district Kampong Cham province in Cambodia. I run a small business for repairing and selling spare parts of machines, tile and brick. I have had plans to expand my business for a […]

17/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Jahrbuch Nachhaltiges Investment Schweiz 2018

Das Investitionsverhalten von Anlegern verändert sich. Impact Investing wird sowohl bei institutionellen als auch Privatanlegern Teil ihres Investmentportfolios.

12/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Der Sonntag & Doppelpunkt
Mikrokredit, Makrowirkung?

Mikrokredite verändern Lebensbedingungen und helfen gegen Armut. Doch wie nachhaltig sind Kleinstkredite? Und wie oft verschulden sich die Nehmer unverhältnismässig?

11/10/2017 | Media Coverage
SPHERE Magazine
Interview mit Patrick Scheurle, CEO BlueOrchard

BlueOrchard wurde 2001 auf Betreiben der Vereinten Nationen gegründet und ist zu einer der sichersten Wetten auf dem Gebiet des Impact Investing geworden, denn es erweitert die Grenzen der Unternehmenskultur. Erläuterungen von Patrick Scheurle, CEO.

11/10/2017 | Media Coverage
SPHERE Magazine
Interview avec Patrick Scheurle, CEO BlueOrchard

Créé en 2001 à l’initiative des Nations-Unis, BlueOrchard s’est imposé comme l’une des valeurs les plus sûres dans le domaine de l’impact investing en repoussant les limites de l’esprit d’entreprise. Explications de Patrick Scheurle, son CEO.

11/10/2017 | Media Coverage
European Microfinance Platform Newsletter
The “InsuResilience Investment Fund”

A Public-Private Partnership launched by KfW and BlueOrchard on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

11/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Asia Insurance Review
InsuResilience fund takes 25% stake in insurer

The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) has entered into an agreement to acquire a significant minority stake in Lahore-based Asia Insurance, a general insurer offering agriculture insurance to over 100,000 farmers in Pakistan.

10/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Deutsche Bank Switzerland names Peter Fanconi vice chairman

Deutsche Bank Switzerland said Peter Fanconi would take up the role of vice-chairman of the board of directors.

10/10/2017 | Events
Launch of the InsuResilience Solutions Fund. Transforming concepts into climate risk insurance products
Past Event
11/10/2017 Berlin

Speaker: Felix Hermes, COO, presents The InsuResilience Investment Fund

09/10/2017 | Events
The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry – Switzerland Roadshow
Past Event
28/11/2017 — 29/11/2017 Zurich & Geneva

Panelists: Felix Hermes, COO and Maria Teresa Zappia, CIO

09/10/2017 | Media Coverage
La microfinance: concilier rendement et impact social

Les fonds de microfinance ont quintuplé leurs encours en l’espace de dix ans, offrant un rendement stable tout en participant à l’inclusion financière dans les pays en développement.

06/10/2017 | Media Coverage
Citywire Magazine

The BlueOrchard Microfinance fund is a popular pick among wealth managers seeking returns with social impact.

29/09/2017 | Videos
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Video

Watch the highlights of our latest Breakfast Event in Zurich and learn more about BlueOrchard and Impact Investing through the eyes of our partners.

27/09/2017 | Media Coverage
Emerging Market Impact Bonds: bonne action et bonne efficience

Nouveautés en matière de microfinance: les Impact Bonds dans des pays émergents se traduisent par des rendements attrayants, des liquidités et un impact social.

26/09/2017 | Media Coverage
Agri Investor
Exclusive: $300m target for climate insurance vehicle

The InsuResilience Investment Fund, made up of sub-pools covering private equity and private debt, has backed a Pakistani firm offering agriculture insurance.

TIMS_Ayurzana Yondonbizya
22/09/2017 | Blog
#This is my story

My name is Ayurzana Yondonbizya and I live with my family in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Uliastai area. My business produces felt roofs and surroundings of lattice from wool for Mongolian portable nomadic round tents (gers). I started production in 2005 as a family business with my husband and now

21/09/2017 | News Releases
InsuResilience Investment Fund to acquire a 25% equity stake in Asia Insurance Company Ltd

Zurich, 21 September 2017 – The InsuResilience Investment Fund set up by the German development bank KFW and managed by Swiss based Impact Investment Manager BlueOrchard Finance, has entered into an agreement to acquire a significant minority stake in Lahore-based Asia Insurance Company Ltd, a

Climate change presents increasing threat to food security globally
15/09/2017 | Blog
The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF)

The underlying premise of the fund is that insurance providers, and insurance-related initiatives, can play a critical role in mitigating the financial impacts of adverse climate events on poor and vulnerable populations.