07/03/2017 | News Releases
The Climate Insurance Fund to substantially increase its outreach through additional funding

In 2015 BlueOrchard, in partnership with CelsiusPro, was appointed to manage the Climate Insurance Fund (CIF). A pioneering initiative aiming to improve the resilience of the world's poor and vulnerable to extreme weather events.

06/03/2017 | Events
Mikrofinanz Fachanlass
Past Event
08/03/2017 Bern, Switzerland

Microfinance: Wirkung, Erfolg und… was ist eigentlich der Auftrag der Weltbankgruppe?

28/02/2017 | Events
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Zurich
Past Event
29/03/2017 Zurich, Switzerland

The Rise of Private Equity in Impact Investing

28/02/2017 | Events
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Geneva
Past Event
30/03/2017 Geneva, Switzerland

The Rise of Private Equity in Impact Investing

27/02/2017 | Press Coverage
L’Agefi Indices
La formation: un placement qui a du cœur

Les écoles privées sont de plus en plus sollicitées pour dispenser aux enfants des pays en développement une formation de qualité.

20/02/2017 | Blog
#This is my story

#This is my story: “My name is Zurab and a few years ago I moved with my family from the Georgian countryside to the Capital, Tbilisi. I was seeking a better life and more opportunities. Together with my wife Nino I opened a grocery store near the central market.

03/02/2017 | Press Coverage
Forbes JAPAN
Japanese funded ASEAN Women Empowerment Fund may Launch Impact Investing in Japan

A microfinance initiative aimed at the empowerment of women in south-east Asia may help to launch impact investing in Japan.

01/02/2017 | Press Coverage
Finanz und Wirtschaft, Fonds’ 17
Soziale und finanzielle Rendite im Einklang

Impact Investing – Die prominenteste Art ist Mikrofinanz. Effizient investieren via Anlagefonds.

01/02/2017 | Videos
TEDxZurich: Small Money – Big Impact by Peter Fanconi

Peter Fanconi shares his experiences fostering financial inclusion. Asking the question, “how can we include the excluded?” he takes us through the workings and outcomes of microfinance. The positive impact of investing over $3 billion in more than 60 emerging and frontier markets is staggering.

31/01/2017 | Events
BlueOrchard Investor Field Trip to Sri Lanka
Past Event
04/06/2017 — 07/06/2017 Sri Lanka

Join the investment team in the field for four days of first-hand insights into impact investing.

31/01/2017 | Events
Norsif Breakfast Seminar: Impact Investing – Trends and Developments
Past Event
14/02/2017 Oslo, Norway

Speaker: Shawn Westcott, Director of Business Development Nordics

31/01/2017 | Blog
#This is my story

#This is my story: “My name is Flor de Maria Higueros, I am 28 years old and I live in Totonicapán, Guatemala. I am engaged in the embroidery of blouses and huipiles (traditional garments).

13/01/2017 | Events
BlueOrchard Lunch Event Stockholm
Past Event
24/01/2017 — 24/01/2017 Stockholm, Sweden

"Microfinance: An Attractive Asset Class in the Low-Interest Rate Environment"

13/01/2017 | Press Coverage
Neue Anlagemöglichkeiten mit erneuerbaren Energien

Millionen Haushalte in Entwicklungsländern erhalten erstmals Zugang zu sauberer, erschwinglicher Energie – durch Weiterentwicklung im Off-Grid-Sektor. Mit interessanten Möglichkeiten für Investoren.

30/12/2016 | Press Coverage
Ausbildungsfinanzierung – Anlegen mit Herz

Private Schulen ermöglichen Kindern in Entwicklungsländern eine gute Ausbildung. Schulen, Kinder und Eltern sind finanziell auf Impact-Investoren angewiesen. Für diese ist es eine Win-Win-Situation.

15/12/2016 | Videos
BlueOrchard Corporate Video

Our latest video provides you with interesting and diversified insights into impact investing from the perspective of investors, microfinance institutions and micro entrepreneurs. Watch the video to learn more about our work and meaningful impact.

07/12/2016 | Publications
Small Money Big Impact – english version

Small Money, Big Impact explores and explains the globally growing importance of impact investing. This book explains for the first time how it works, why it works and what you should know if you're ready to help change the world.

17/11/2016 | Blog
#This is my story

#This is my story: "my name is Milovan Bosančić, and I started working on my father’s farm straight out of primary school. We had no machinery back then, just horses, 2 cows and 1 sow. As a young man, I bought 30 dunams (3 hectares) of land. At that time I did not use loans.