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This is my story

My name is Bejaze Llausha. I am from Vushtrri but I live and work in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. I am a tailor by profession, and about two years ago, I decided to develop my own business. Due to lack of financial resources, I decided to take a loan. I applied in many […]

27/11/2019 | News
Interview with Global Parametrics’ CEO: Hector Ibarra

Hector, what is GP’s story? Hector: GP has a unique business model designed to fill the massive gap for risk models and financial protection against disaster risks in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). GP aims to lead the market in providing access to sustainable risk transfer services b

25/11/2019 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Rémi

Have you ever wondered who the people behind BlueOrchard are? As part of our #BOFaces series, we are happy to introduce Rémi Filippi, Senior Investment Officer in our Nairobi office. We have interviewed Rémi to better understand what drives him and why he enjoys working in the impact investing in

14/11/2019 | News
Les Echos
BlueOrchard rejoint le groupe Schroders

Patrick Scheurle va rester à la tête de la société de gestion spécialisée dans l’investissement à impact. Read the full article in French here.

31/10/2019 | Videos
A great future together: Closing of Schroders/BlueOrchard transaction

Watch the video in which Patrick talks about the creation of BlueOrchard, explains what microfinance and impact investing are and explains why he thinks the partnership with Schroders will be successful.

31/10/2019 | News Releases
Schroders completes acquisition of majority stake in BlueOrchard

News release London/Zurich, 31 October 2019 – Schroders plc (“Schroders”) and BlueOrchard Finance Ltd (“BlueOrchard”) are today announcing the completion of Schroders’ acquisition of a majority stake in BlueOrchard, a leading impact investment manager. BlueOrchard manages approximate

31/10/2019 | News
Interview with Inclusive Guarantee’s CEO: Vance Abissa

  Vance, what is Inclusive Guarantee’s story? Vance: Inclusive Guarantee was established in France in 2007 as an insurance broker and consultant specialized in micro-insurance and inclusive social protection in West Africa. We opened local subsidiaries in Senegal in 2011 and in Mali, Burkina

31/10/2019 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Tsira

Have you ever wondered who the people behind BlueOrchard are? As part of our #BOFaces series, we are happy to introduce Tsira Zhorzholiani, Team Leader Operations at our Tbilisi office. We have interviewed Tsira to better understand what drives him and why she enjoys working in the impact investing

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#This is my story

My name is Absator Alimov. I am 48 years old and live with my beloved family in the countryside of Vakhsh in the district of Tajikistan. As my ancestors were before me, I am also engaged in agriculture, namely crop production, animal farming and beekeeping. These are the main sources of income for m

24/10/2019 | News
Guest Lecture in Environmental and Financial Sustainability at the University of Zurich
Past Event
24/10/2019 — 24/10/2019 University of Zurich

24/10/2019 | News
4th African Microfinance Week
Past Event
21/10/2019 — 25/10/2019 Burkina Faso

22/10/2019 | News
ESG Clarity
Clarity Clinic: Peter Fanconi, BlueOrchard

 In July, Schroders acquired a majority stake in impact investment manager BlueOrchard. ESG Clarity asks chairman Peter Fanconi what is the secret to the business’s success? Read the full article here.

10/10/2019 | Blog
On the Road to Georgia

BlueOrchard regularly organizes field trips to provide investors with a better understanding of the impact investing sector as well as the microfinance value chain. The field trips offer participants first-hand insights to BlueOrchard’s activities. Meeting and discussing with micro-entrepreneurs,

08/10/2019 | News
Building Bridges Week 2019
Past Event
07/10/2019 — 11/10/2019 Geneva, Switzerland

03/10/2019 | News
The Telegraph
How impact investing shows capitalism and environmentalism are not incompatible

From Goldman Sachs’ new Sustainable Finance Group to Schroders’ purchase of a stake in impact investor BlueOrchard, big investment groups are digging deep into their budgets to build or acquire socially-conscious platforms. Read the full article here.

30/09/2019 | Videos
BlueOrchard Market Update: Emerging Markets Impact Investing Q3 2019

BlueOrchard’s Head of Investment Solutions, Philipp Müller, and our Chief Investment Officer, Maria Teresa Zappia, share their view on key developments and trends in emerging markets and provide insights on the expansion of our women empowerment fund JAWEF.

30/09/2019 | News
Interview with Skymet’s MD and Founder: Jatin Singh

Jatin, what is Skymet’s story? Jatin: Every year, unpredictable or irregular weather events in India cause unprecedented losses of capital and production, resulting in, for example, inflation in food prices. This is where Skymet comes in. We help farmers and vulnerable agricultural communities in

28/09/2019 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Gustavo

Have you ever wondered who the people behind BlueOrchard are? As part of our #BOFaces series, we are happy to introduce Gustavo Jesus Muchotrigo Lugo,Head of Analytics/ Latin America at our Lima office. We have interviewed Gustavo to better understand what drives him and why he enjoys working in th

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#This is my story

My name is Munavvara Chillaeva. I live in Dushanbe city in the Republic of Tajikistan. For generations the women in my family have been practicing the craft of embroidery with gold threads. My love for it comes from early childhood memories, when I spent hours watching my grandmother and aunts creat

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BlueOrchard Luncheon Event Singapore
Past Event
31/10/2019 — 31/10/2019 Raffles Place, Singapore

Building a Better Future – Sustainable Infrastructure in Emerging Markets