03/10/2019 | News
The Telegraph
How impact investing shows capitalism and environmentalism are not incompatible

From Goldman Sachs’ new Sustainable Finance Group to Schroders’ purchase of a stake in impact investor BlueOrchard, big investment groups are digging deep into their budgets to build or acquire socially-conscious platforms. Read the full article here.

30/09/2019 | Videos
BlueOrchard Market Update: Emerging Markets Impact Investing Q3 2019

BlueOrchard’s Head of Investment Solutions, Philipp Müller, and our Chief Investment Officer, Maria Teresa Zappia, share their view on key developments and trends in emerging markets and provide insights on the expansion of our women empowerment fund JAWEF.

30/09/2019 | News
Interview with Skymet’s MD and Founder: Jatin Singh

Jatin, what is Skymet’s story? Jatin: Every year, unpredictable or irregular weather events in India cause unprecedented losses of capital and production, resulting in, for example, inflation in food prices. This is where Skymet comes in. We help farmers and vulnerable agricultural communities in

28/09/2019 | Blog
#BOFaces – Meet Gustavo

Have you ever wondered who the people behind BlueOrchard are? As part of our #BOFaces series, we are happy to introduce Gustavo Jesus Muchotrigo Lugo,Head of Analytics/ Latin America at our Lima office. We have interviewed Gustavo to better understand what drives him and why he enjoys working in th

27/09/2019 | News
#This is my story

My name is Munavvara Chillaeva. I live in Dushanbe city in the Republic of Tajikistan. For generations the women in my family have been practicing the craft of embroidery with gold threads. My love for it comes from early childhood memories, when I spent hours watching my grandmother and aunts creat

27/09/2019 | News
BlueOrchard Luncheon Event Singapore
Past Event
31/10/2019 — 31/10/2019 Raffles Place, Singapore

Building a Better Future – Sustainable Infrastructure in Emerging Markets

25/09/2019 | Videos
BlueOrchard Insights: Upgrading Ag-Businesses in Emerging Markets with Ofir Ardon, CEO Agritask

Effective agriculture management requires high quality data, which is often unavailable especially in emerging markets. Our partner company Agritask specialises in providing solutions to help farmers as well as agriculture insurers take more precise decisions. We spoke to the CEO of Agritask, Ofir A

25/09/2019 | Videos
BlueOrchard Insights: Climate Finance for Climate Action

In the face of the recently held UN Climate Action Summit in New York, BlueOrchard is proud to contribute to the discussion on how to increase private sector engagement in climate financing with our latest BlueOrchard Academy study “Rethinking Climate Finance”. In this video, the authors of the

25/09/2019 | Publications
Rethinking Climate Finance – Taking Action against Climate Change. Opportunities and Challenges for Financial Players

Zurich, 25 September 2019 – In the face of the recently held UN Climate Action Summit in New York, BlueOrchard is proud to contribute to the discussion on how to increase private sector engagement in climate financing by providing you with our latest BlueOrchard Academy study “Rethinking Climate

25/09/2019 | News Releases
BlueOrchard publishes Climate Finance study

Zurich, 25 September 2019 – Impact investment manager BlueOrchard (“BlueOrchard”), in collaboration with the FINEXUS Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability of the University of Zurich, has analysed opportunities and challenges that climate change poses for financial players. A strong

16/09/2019 | News
BlueOrchard Investor Field Trip to India
Past Event
10/11/2019 — 13/11/2019 Delhi, India

Four days of first-hand insights into impact investing with BlueOrchard’s chairman and investment team.

12/09/2019 | News
BlueOrchard déjeuner thématique à Paris
Past Event
12/09/2019 — 12/09/2019 14 rue Favart, Paris

L’Afrique – Au Coeur de la Révolution Digitale

09/09/2019 | News
Citywire Asia
Japan-backed women’s microfinance fund doubles in size

BlueOrchard Finance is expanding its Asia-focused women empowerment fund to address the significant gap of financing women in the region. Learn more here.

05/09/2019 | News Releases
Expansion of prestigious women empowerment fund

News release Tokyo/Zurich, 5 September 2019 – Swiss based impact investor BlueOrchard Finance (“BlueOrchard”) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Japan ASEAN Women Empowerment Fund (“JAWEF”). Following the success of JAWEF, the fund will be increased to USD 241 million to address t

03/09/2019 | News
Financial Times
Schroders’ deal opens way for more M&A in impact investing

Large asset managers wishing to enter the field will look to acquire resources, says expert. Read the full article here.

27/08/2019 | News
Global Investor
Made in Africa – Freihandelsabkommen bietet Chancen für kleine Unternehmen

Abseits des Rampenlichts von weltwirtschaftlich prominenten Themen wie Brexit und Handelskonflikt haben 54 von 55 afrikanischen Ländern ein Freihandelsabkommen ratifiziert. Lesen Sie den vollen Artikel hier.

23/08/2019 | Videos
SRF interview with BlueOrchard’s CIO, Maria Teresa Zappia, on Microfinance in Emerging and Frontier Markets

In an interview with SRF’s Patrizia Laeri, Maria Teresa Zappia talks about microfinance in emerging and frontier markets and the role of female micro-entrepreneurs.

23/08/2019 | Blog
Interview with REGIC’s MD: Benjamin Agili

Benjamin, what is REGIC’s story? Benjamin: Royal Exchange General Insurance Company Limited (REGIC) is a subsidiary of Royal Exchange Plc, which was established in 1918 and is Nigeria’s first insurance company. Our mission is to attain leadership in the financial sector and provide the highest q

20/08/2019 | News
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Zurich
Past Event
18/09/2019 — 18/09/2019 Brasserie Schiller Zurich

Private Equity @ BlueOrchard – Upgrading Ag-Businesses in Emerging Markets

20/08/2019 | News
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Geneva
Past Event
19/09/2019 — 19/09/2019 Brasserie Da Matteo

Private Equity @ BlueOrchard – Upgrading Ag-Businesses in Emerging Markets