19/04/2018 | Events
EVPA Invest for Impact Workshop
Past Event
24/04/2018 Zurich

Speaker: Felix Hermes, Chief Operating Officer

19/04/2018 | Videos
BlueOrchard’s Peter Fanconi on the future of Impact Investing and fighting poverty on a global scale

Peter Fanconi travels between two worlds: He is the chairman of both BlueOrchard, a company that specializes in impact investing, and of the Graubundner Kantonalbank. In an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland, he talks about his career as a banker and the challenges of impact investing.

12/04/2018 | Media Coverage
L’importance de la «nouvelle route de la soie» chinoise pour les Etats de l’Asie du Sud-Est

INFRASTRUCTURE COMMERCIALE. Alors que les Etats-Unis menacent de se détourner du libre-échange international, la Chine cherche à resserrer ses liens avec l’économie mondiale.

10/04/2018 | Events
Africa Innovation Network Seminar – Sustainable investments and innovative businesses in Africa
Past Event
31/05/2018 Stockholm

Speaker: Shawn Westcott, Nordics Business Development Director

10/04/2018 | Events
Impact Park 2018
Past Event
11/04/2018 Milano

Speaker: Shawn Westcott, Nordics Business Development Director

10/04/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard advances impact investing in the Nordics

News release Swiss-based impact investment manager, BlueOrchard, has been granted permission by Swedish financial authorities (Finansinspektionen) to market the BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund (BOMF) to non-professional investors in Sweden Handelsbanken has selected BOMF as an investment opportunity f

Breakfast Event march 2018
29/03/2018 | Blog
Fighting Inequality – How Impact Investing can contribute to closing the gap between the rich and the poor

A recap of our latest Breakfast Events

29/03/2018 | Blog
#This is my story

My name is Guillermina Corona Contreras and I come from Mexico City. A few years ago, I inherited my mother’s artisanal tortillas business, as her poor health condition did not allow her to continue to run it on her own. With three children and a mother to take care off, I needed some external hel

26/03/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard and Calvert Impact Capital partner to scale up impact investing and foster sustainable and inclusive development in emerging and frontier markets

News release Building on common goals, Calvert Impact Capital has made a significant investment in BlueOrchard’s flagship fund to increase the access of low-income households to financial services in developing countries. Calvert Impact Capital and BlueOrchard share the goals of increasing access

23/03/2018 | Events
Emerging Manager Day 2018
Past Event
11/04/2018 Paris

Speakers: Maria Teresa Zappia, CIO, and David Keel, Head of Business Development

23/03/2018 | Media Coverage
Peter Fanconi: «Afrika ist die Geburtsstätte vieler Fintechs»

Auch in Entwicklungsländern boomen Fintechs. Die Herausforderungen bleiben indessen anspruchsvoll, insbesondere mit Blick auf die Überschuldungsrisiken, schreibt Peter Fanconi auf finews.first.

23/03/2018 | Media Coverage
Peter Fanconi: «Africa Is the Birthplace of Many Fintechs»

In emerging markets fintechs have become as widespread as the use of mobile phones. There are, however, also challenges with regards to over-indebtedness, Peter Fanconi writes in his essay for finews.first.

20/03/2018 | Media Coverage
Anleger Investieren in Nachhaltige Infrastrukturprojekte

Anleger können mit Investitionen in nachhaltige Infrastrukturprojekte attraktive Renditen, Diversifikation sowie sozialen, ökonomischen und ökologischen Nutzen realisieren.

15/03/2018 | Media Coverage
Fintechs: opportunités et risques pour les pays en développement

Les fintechs et les plateformes de crédit présentent des enjeux exigeants, notamment dans la perspective du surendettement et de la rentabilité.

13/03/2018 | Media Coverage
Banken Partner
FinTechs und digitale Kreditplattformen: Chancen und Herausforderungen für Entwicklungsländer

FinTechs und digitale Kreditplattformen prosperieren derzeit in Entwicklungsländern besonders stark. Herausforderungen für Kunden und Investoren bleiben anspruchsvoll – insbesondere mit Blick auf Überschuldungsrisiken und Profitabilität.

13/03/2018 | Events
Globalance Bank Microfinance Event
Past Event
20/03/2018 Zurich

Peter Fanconi, Chairman of the Board

05/03/2018 | Blog
A Latin American Success Story: the Microfinance Growth Fund

A decade ago, Latin American countries were struggling to recover from the aftermaths of the 2008 global financial crisis. They were facing liquidity constraints, a decline in cross-border trade, a decrease in commodity prices, a decline in foreign direct investments, and a downturn in demand and ca

02/03/2018 | Events
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Geneva
Past Event
22/03/2018 Geneva

Inequality – How to Close the Rising Gap through Impact Investing

02/03/2018 | Events
BlueOrchard Breakfast Event Zurich
Past Event
20/03/2018 Zurich

Inequality - How to Close the Rising Gap through Impact Investing

28/02/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard-managed and IDB-backed fund creates tangible social impact in Latin and Central America

News release In excess of US$300 million disbursed to 400,000 micro-entrepreneurs across 13 countries; more than 60% women and over 40% rural clients reached Over its lifetime, the private debt fund reached its target size of US$150 million funded by public and private investors The Fund achieved a