19/06/2018 | Events
SECA Conference
04/07/2018 Zurich

Speakers: Patrick Scheurle, Chief Executive Officer, and Admir Trnjanin, Associate Business Development

19/06/2018 | Events
UNCTAD World Investment Forum
26/10/2018 Geneva

Speaker: Maria Teresa Zappia, Chief Investment Officer

18/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Luxembourg Times
CSSF grants UCITS license to Swiss asset manager

Luxembourg’s financial watchdog, the CSSF, has given authorization to a Swiss asset manager to act as a UCITS management company. BlueOrchard, which already has an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) license, received the authorization for its Luxembourg entity.

14/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Private Banker International
BlueOrchard obtains UCITS licence for Luxembourg business

Swiss asset manager BlueOrchard has secured UCITS licence from Luxembourg financial regulator CSSF for its Luxembourg entity BlueOrchard Asset Management (Luxembourg).

13/06/2018 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard to launch Ucits fund after winning licence

BlueOrchard has announced the launch of a new Ucits fund, which will become available in the next few weeks.

13/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Investment Europe
BlueOrchard receives Ucits license & launches fund

Swiss asset manager BlueOrchard has received the authorisation for its Luxembourg entity, BlueOrchard Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA, to act as a Ucits management company.

12/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Luxemburger Asset Manager erhält UCITS-Lizenz und startet Fonds

Die luxemburgische Niederlassung (BlueOrchard Asset Management) des Schweizer Unternehmens BlueOrchard Finance erhält von der luxemburgischen Finanzaufsicht CSSF die Erlaubnis als UCITS‐Manager zu fungieren, um seine Produktpalette auszubauen.

12/06/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard granted UCITS license by CSSF

News release BlueOrchard has been granted CSSF authorization to act as a UCITS management company (in addition to its existing AIFM license). BlueOrchard to respond to the increasing demand for UCITS compliant impact investing solutions. Launch of first UCITS Emerging Markets Impact Bond Fund to fol

08/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Private Banker International
Impact investment manager BlueOrchard launches Singapore office

Swiss impact investment manager BlueOrchard Finance has expanded its presence in the Asia-Pacific region by opening a new office in Singapore.

07/06/2018 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard eröffnet Büro in Singapur

Der auf nachhaltige und soziale Investments spezialisierte Schweizer Vermögensverwalter BlueOrchard erweitert seine Präsenz in Asien – mit einem neuen Standort im Singapur.

07/06/2018 | Media Coverage
BlueOrchard Heads for Singapore

Asset manager BlueOrchard is widening its presence in Asia, with a new office in Singapore. The Swiss firm is banking on a greater appetite from Asian investors for sustainable and impact investing.

06/06/2018 | Media Coverage
Investment Europe
Swiss impact investing firm opens Singapore office

Zurich-headquartered impact investing manager BlueOrchard Finance has opened an office in Singapore to bolster its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

06/06/2018 | News Releases
BlueOrchard to open new office in Singapore

News release Leading Swiss impact investment manager opens new office in Singapore to expand and further strengthen its long-standing presence in the Asia-Pacific region. BlueOrchard currently manages two renowned funds exclusively dedicated to promoting sustainable growth in Asian-Pacific countries

31/05/2018 | Media Coverage
FTSE Global Markets
Sasakawa Peace Foundation to invest ¥1bn in BlueOrchard’s flagship fund

BlueOrchard and Sasakawa Peace Foundation have formed a partnership to contribute to women’s empowerment through microfinance. Women’s empowerment is a goal in its own right but also a key factor for sustainable economic, social and environmental growth.

31/05/2018 | News Releases
Sasakawa Peace Foundation to invest into BlueOrchard’s flagship Fund

News release BlueOrchard Finance and Sasakawa Peace Foundation have partnered to contribute to empowering women across Asia. Sasakawa Peace Foundation invests the first JPY 1bn of its Asian Women Impact Fund into BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund. Zurich/Tokyo, 31 May 2018 – BlueOrchard and Sasakawa P

30/05/2018 | Media Coverage
Microfinance Opportunity Opens for Swedish Investors

BlueOrchard, a Swiss-based impact asset manager, recently obtained the permission from the Swedish FSA to market its Microfinance Fund to non-professional investors in Sweden, making it one of the few impact investment funds currently available to Swedish retail investors. We met with Shawn Westcott

30/05/2018 | Media Coverage
Why is the interest of investors for Impact Investing growing? – Interview with Patrick Scheurle, CEO of BlueOrchard

Warum interessieren sich immer mehr Anleger für Impact Investing? – Ein Interview mit Patrick Scheurle, CEO BlueOrchard Finance

Pinata lady
29/05/2018 | Blog
#This is my story

My name is Maria Galacia, I am 42 years old and I live in La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango. I own a party supplies store for kids. In 2009, I started to participate in FUNDAP as a member of the village bank “Mujeres de la Esperanza”, where I had the opportunity to have access to loans to [&h

28/05/2018 | Media Coverage
Innovation durable multidimensionnelle

L’attrait de l’impact investing va croissant et BlueOrchard lancera son premier fonds UCITS cette année. Entretien avec Patrick Scheurle.

27/05/2018 | Media Coverage
Le Temps
Les opportunités de la fintech pour les pays en développement

Les fintechs et les plateformes de crédit numériques prospèrent, particulièrement dans les pays en développement. Les enjeux pour clients et investisseurs sont toujours aussi exigeants, notamment dans la perspective du surendettement et de la rentabilité.