The BlueOrchard Ambassador Circle mobilizes select group of personalities

The Ambassadors Circle was founded with the aim to advance our vision and also to cultivate strong collaboration and interaction within our broad network.

We are proud to count on the commitment of the following Ambassadors:
Dr. Andreas J. Bär, Bär & Karrer
Cees van Gessel, Independent Advisor
Corinne Namblard, INFRA & P.E Conseil
Jean-Pierre de Glutz, Independent Advisor
José Eduardo Homem de Montes, MaCX Asset AG
Maxime du Chayla, Chaac Solution SASU
Maxime Medina, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Monika Beck, KfW Development Bank
Sophie Robé, Phenix Capital BV
Stephan Keiser, EFG Group
Ted Uemae, Alternative Investment Products Co., Ltd.