BlueOrchard Finance, S.A. is a leading asset manager in Impact Investing, with specific expertise in debt financing for microfinance institutions worldwide.  Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, BlueOrchard has local offices in Cambodia, Georgia, Peru and Kenya, with a presence as well in Luxembourg and Zurich. Since its inception in 2001, BlueOrchard has made in excess of USD 2 billion in loans to microfinance institutions globally, and is committed to advancing socially responsible financial inclusion worldwide and offering attractive investment products to investors in this dynamic and rewarding field.

A critical link in the Microfinance Value Chain :

Our Mission is to be a leading commercial microfinance intermediary, providing innovative financing solutions to institutions in emerging markets, and financial and social returns to investors.

Our Vision is to contribute to building a strong, healthy and sustainable inclusive financial system worldwide that empowers the working poor, and helps them to improve their standard of living and that of their families.

30 Mio People



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sucess2Pioneering spirit and commitment to social change

BlueOrchard managed the first commercial microfinance fund back in 2001, pioneering the development of what has become a USD 7.5 bn market of investments in microfinance by institutional and retail investors.   The company was founded on the idea to serve as a bridge between microfinance institutions and the capital markets in order to allow a greater flow of capital to microfinance providers and enhance the access of millions of people to sorely needed financial services.

This innovative spirit continues today, driven by a commitment to deepening financial inclusion, and providing attractive appropriate products to a wide range of investors. 

Deep local knowledge and sophisticated financial expertise

Microfinance is at its core a local business.  We firmly believe that on-site due diligence and intimate knowledge of local markets is critically important in making the right investment decisions, both from a financial and social perspective.

Two thirds of BlueOrchard’s  investment team work in local offices in the developing world, speaking close to 20 languages, and investment officers bring with them a wealth of prior work experiences with local regulators, rating agencies, banks and development organizations.
This local field knowledge is complemented by a rigorous, highly disciplined investment process with standardized and comprehensive procedures and high standards of excellence.


Strong partnerships and long term relationships. Over its more than 10 years investing  in microfinance, BlueOrchard has forged strong relationships with microfinance institutions worldwide, networks, institutional investors, development organizations, rating agencies, commercial banks and multiple other stakeholders in the industry.  We value these relationships and partnerships highly, as we all work together to build a stronger, more vibrant and more inclusive financial system globally.
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